Political Regime In North Korea Essay

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The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has a unique political regime that is often the subject of international talk. Despite being a distinct system of it’s own, the regime in North Korea shares similarities with other authoritative structures. The system was based on a Stalinist economy, however, is the only regime of it’s kind to last this long. The North Korean regime has been active for over five decades and is the only regime to survive generational leadership changes. The political system in North Korea is a highly centralized and materialized bureaucratic regime that is focused on their leader. Despite his death in 1994, Kim Il-Sung remains a deity throughout the nation, his legacy has yet to be criticized. The function of the political system puts immense strain on the nation and the costs of maintaining the ideological regime are high and debilitating. North Korea is a communist state with a one-man dictatorship. Over it’s existence the constitution has been revised several times in 1948, 1972, 1998, 2009, and 2012. Their legal system is one of civil law, based on the Prussian model however…show more content…
These so called ‘re-education’ centers are for common offenders and political prisoners. However, it is known that most political prisoners are subject to a much harsher system of punishment. In total, it is believed 120,000 people are kept in North Korean political prison camps. United Nations Commission Head Michael Kirby was quoted saying that human rights in North Korea exceeds all others in terms of duration, intensity, and horror. However, as North Koreans cannot leave their country, they are not aware of any political alternatives. Due to this, they do not contest the government and political unrest is well
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