Political Satire In Animal Farm

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Research Topic: Animal Farm as a political satire Research Question: How far has George Orwell succeeded in satirizing over political scenario of Soviet Russia through his novel Animal Farm SIGNIFICANCE: My proposed research has validated that Orwell has satirized over Soviet Russia through his novel Animal Farm. The events and characters in the novel are directly linked to Russian political scenario. Orwell has pointed out the great dictator Joseph Stalin. This research will facilitate and lead the upcoming researchers to further contemplate on the other areas regarding horrors of dictatorship and abuse of power related to totalitarianism which will also benefit the reader of 21st century. I have also selected this topic…show more content…
The two characters Napoleon and Snowball specifically, Napoleon’s name is very well the reflection of the man, who ruled and overthrow everybody and became a great dictator and emperor of France and in the same way Tsar Nicholas 2 completely forgot about the ideal which people have dreamt in him. On the other hand, the animals brought their own disgrace unconsciously in the name of revolution which went wrong. Snowball and Napoleon in Animal Farm presumably symbolize the dark times of Russia. Nineteenth century was the time when the dissatisfaction was spread like a fire against the imperial government in Russia. The Russians who were from middle class wanted political reformation against working conditions of industry, which were almost sub-human, they wanted it against the poverty and some other major issues. Same as the animals in the Manor farm did against Mr. Jones by driving him out because he was starving animals and making them work day and night. This revolution was against the monarchy apparently, but it turned out to be a complete loss for the Russian people because of Stalin’s arrival. Orwell has successfully written a satire, in which human hypocrisy is unveiled in a literary fashion which not only relates to Russian Revolution but every revolution of the world in
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