Political Scientist Harold Lasswell's Theory Of Politics And Political Science

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What is Politics? Politics is a broad term or concept with a number of different legitimate or acceptable meanings. Different political scientists have different understandings of what the term politics means.
Political scientist Harold Lasswell sees politics as “who gets what, when, and how”. Politics according to Harold Lasswell is concerned with deciding by official governmental decision-making and action who in the political society entertain what rewards, benefits and advantages and how much of them they receive, when they receive the benefits, rewards and the advantages and the methods by which they receive them in effect. According to Lasswell, power is at the center of all political acts; the power to decide who gets what, when and
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Political science falls under the category of social sciences. It is a social science discipline that deals with systems of government and the analysis of political activity and behavior. The discipline was with reference to the law and government in classical writing, then it came to embrace the study of social movement, later it included the study of the effectiveness of policy. By modern time, it was about voting, democracy, decision making and rational choice. Eventually the discipline developed a rich and vibrant vocabulary analytic category and variable by which social interactions can be studied, interpreted and understood in a systematic way in a given social system. Now it has come to include the advancing psychology of social…show more content…
Political science also has a number of legitimate meanings or definitions. Political science can be defined as the study of the activity through which people search to make, preserve and amend the general rules under which they live. It is the branch of knowledge that deals with the state and system of government, the scientific analysis, description and production of the political system, political behavior and politics in general. It is not about the real world but only about those features of the world that can be studied scientifically. The science of politics uses method s and techniques that relate to those sought by the political inquiries; primary and secondary sources.
In the 1920s there was an increase in the study of politics being more scientific with more emphasis on theory and quantification and the main person behind this transition with many others was Charles Merriam. He was able to show that there was significant progress towards the scientific study of politics in 1923. He noted these methods when he researched a number of different institutions with the aim to classify, analyze and discover the similarities and differences within

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