Political Structure In Bahrain

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BAHRAIN, MIDDLE EAST In this section of the paper, I will focus on Bahrain. I will briefly touch on the political, economic and social structures before looking at the media structure and the dominant patterns of media ownership and control. • Political structure According to the BBC.com Bahrain country profile, Bahrain is a constitutional monarchy and “The Khalifa family has been in power since 1783”. “The king is supreme authority and members of the Sunni Muslim ruling family hold the main political and military posts” (BBC, 2015) There is tension between the Shia Muslims who are the majority demanding more power from the government. This tension sometimes causes “civil unrest” (BBC, 2015) in 2011, there were protests in the centre of Manama…show more content…
(MIA, 2014) Currently, there are approximately 10 radio stations, 6 Television channels, and 7 daily newspapers (in Arabic and English), 15 weekly newspapers and magazines, monthly magazines, news websites, news bulletins (MIA, 2014) According to the same website Bahrain Ministry of Information Affairs; there are independent agencies formed to “supervise the media” for example an agency called the Higher Authority for Media and Communication was established in July 2013 to “supervise media and communication outlets, gives opinion on draft laws and licensing applications, as well as issuing a binding media charter of honor…” (MIA,…show more content…
156) After independence “there was little structural change to the newspaper industry, with print media largely under the control of political authorities” (Gunter & Dickinson, 2013, p. 156) It is not just print media but broadcast media as well. The authors write that Bahraini government ‘undertakes the control of the media sector’ including radio, Television and the national news agency but International media –such as Al-jazeera, Al- Arabia, MBC, CNN and BBC are available (Gunter & Dickinson,

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