Political Structure Of The Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic
The island in which the Dominican Republic now stands was originally known as Hispaniola. The native people of the island, called Taino, split up the island into five territories. Each territory also held one chiefdom within in. When Christopher Columbus was sailing the world in 1492, he claimed the eastern half of the island. This began the colonization of the Dominican Republic from the Spanish Empire. However, the western half remained property of France and was known as Haiti. When Columbus claimed this island Spain renamed it to Santo Domingo. Dominicans wanted their independence. They fought to gain their independence in 1821 but were unfortunately conquered and taken over by Haiti for the following twenty-two years. In 1844 they were finally given their independence, so they thought. In 1861 they returned to the Spanish Empire however two years later a war ensued that ended this reign. Dominicans finally gained their independence from both Haiti and the Spanish Empire in 1865, which is when it became known as the Dominican Republic.
Political Structure and Governance
The beginning of the Dominican Republic’s political structure was a rough and rocky one. The countries first hints of leadership came from military strong men known as Caudillos. Caudillos reigned over the Dominican from 1844 to 1899. Two notable dictatorial presidents came out of the Caudillos: Pedro Santana and Buenaventura Baez. Santana and Baez led the country

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