Political Symbolism In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Animal Farm is a significant political novel by George Orwell, which represents Russian Communism. It deals with one of the conflicting political issues of Modern age. In the opening chapter, Orwell presents Animals in a concerning environment. Orwell 's perception has generally been one of admiration; there is still much dissension among critics. Through Animal Farm he expresses his response to social life. A comparative study of the whole work is relevant to the authoritarian governments. This novel upholds his humanism and belief in the ordinary life. It also establishes the atmosphere of discontent and introduces some of the main characters through symbols. This satire is funny and at the same time it criticizes the political situation. It is this makes Animal Farm a book of allegory, which uses metaphors of the present state society and it became as a prophecy, but always with an uncertain condition of the real facts. "

George Orwell 's Animal Farm is an animal satire, which is written to criticize Russian Revolution and Stalin 's practices during his time. Definitely this is a political satire on Russian Revolution. The book is full of the elements of satire and the characters, events and some elements of Animal Farm are focused on The Russian Revolution. Orwell clearly explains that his main purpose for writing Animal Farm was "to write a satire on the Russian Revolution (In Shelden, 1991, p.399) ". Through animal satire, Orwell attacks on the Stalin 's practices in
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