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Political system in Malaysia began in the reign of the Malay Sultanate of Malacca in the 15th century. Political system at that time with concept of monarchy. Malay Peninsula was known Suvarnabhumi or Land of Gold due to the wealth of the land owned. Malaya grabs attention between great powers of Europe to came and colonize. Thus, the rule of the Malay Sultanate of Malacca was fall into the hands of the Portuguese at 1511s. Malacca sultanate fall marks the beginning of the expansion of the western powers in Malaya. In the 19th century, several states in the Malay Peninsula was ruled by sultans and kings in a similar manner as the ruler of the Malacca Sultanate. At that time, the government is ruled by an authoritarian ruler, the king or sultan. However, the situation began to change when the British started interfering in administrative matters in the 1870s. British intervention in Malaya led to the signing of various agreements with the British. Sultan or Raja was forced to accept a British Resident. Residents are…show more content…
Awareness of the struggle of the Malays form when viewed from the Malay race far behind other races. Kaum Muda struggle was unique because not fight through the establishment of associations or political parties, but rather through the publication of newspapers and magazines. But, Kaum Muda has failed to create understanding among the Malays in Malaya.This is because, Kaum Muda has encountered fierce resistance from Kaum Tua of the 1920s. Kaum Tua are those who are very conservative and orthodox-minded and very strongly at customs for long time. In some states, opposition Kaum Tua has created divisions among Muslims. British government considers Kaum Muda as a threat to his rule. Therefore, the British Government has banned the entry of a magazine or brochure published by the Kaum Muda in several

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