Political Systems: Democracy As A Form Of Government

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Political Systems Democracy It refers to a political system which citizens govern themselves directly or indirectly. People make their own decision such as electing for the president and board members of the parliament in a country. As such, citizens are given the rights and voice to speak and choose. In this system, the voices of people are respected and taken into account as part of the consideration when making a decision that affects the country. People generally have more freedom compared to other government. However, it is not a perfect political system as it can be slow and inefficient because sometimes decisions are made for special reasons and interests instead of for the people. Monarchy It refers to a political system that rules from one generation to another, such as the United Kingdom. The family enjoys traditional authority, and although the Royal Families still rule today, their power have decreased from centuries ago. In present times, absolute monarchies gives way to constitutional monarchies which is the executive and legislative branches of the government to run the nation. Theocracy It refers to a form of government in which priest or religious leader have sovereignty over a territory and official policy is either governed by officials regarded as divinely guided, or holds a particular important position of a…show more content…
Democracy is a political system but Capitalism is an economic system. In my opinion, I think that the combination of capitalism and democracy is not such a bad idea. It retains the political and economic goals and profit of capitalism but at the same time, people are able to be equal and voice out their opinions, making choices of their own to which can indirectly affect the country such as a President Election. It will be able to pull the economic gaps between the different working classes closer together and hence creating a better equality environment for people to live
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