Kim Jong Un Case Study

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Kim Jong Un’s Political Track Record There is no much change since Kim Jong Un came into power. North Korea does not experience radical change. “Military first” policy is still put into power. Economic policy is centered to carry military’s interests and fulfilled the interest of the single party. (Ryall, 2013). Despite no radical change, Kim Jong Un tried to put sign on his tenure by showing stricter policy. During his leadership, more first class elites were executed including Jang Song-Thaek, his uncle which was well-known as Kim Jong Ill’s right hand. Kim Jong Un who relatively mysterious before the succession tried to raise his popularity by building monuments for example the newest waterpark in Pyongyang. Human Rights Watch published…show more content…
Marhaenism is a dream of Soekarno to make Indonesia a powerhouse in economy and military context. In his leadership, Soekarno plans to form a superpower country. Aggression to Malaysia is a way of him to expand Indonesia and ensure that Indonesia will survive without being influenced by any states in the world. Since the aggression to Malaysia, he moved from neutrality to freedom of foreign policy by power. In a simplistic concept, Soekarno, by his actions, did not believe that freedom of foreign policy can be achieved in communality of non-align movement. The only way to reach the supremacy of Indonesia is by building and solidifying internal power. It is the basic of realism concept. In comparison with North Korea, North Korea since de-stalinization did similar actions with what Soekarno did. Kim Jong Un did not change this perspectives. By promoting ‘military first’ policy and development of nuclear project, Kim Jong Un implicitly showed that freedom of foreign policy without dictation by superior country only be achieved by strengthen the power of the country. For this purpose, both accepted and in North Korea’s case is still accepting monuments construction to build ‘mentality of the people’ and put poverty reduction as the second…show more content…
Unlike Kim’s dynasty, Soekarno’s reign ended since 1970. There is a question: if Soekarno is still in power, will he build a dynasty like Kim’s family? The answer will be blurred by historical facts and missing facts. In ‘no’ side, the fact that Soekarno had no sons or daughter who was ready enough to take the leadership would be a strong argument. Secondly, Soekarno did not perceive himself as ‘the brain of the nation’. He believed that he is the chosen one and naturally he is just ‘another Indonesian’. Contrariwise with Kim’s family, Kim Ill Sung got rid of his political rivals and started North Korea from point zero where he is the God who promoted ultra-nationalism and isolationist policy. This governmental construction and propaganda built years by years generating three leaders from three generations of Kim’s
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