Political Violence In Rohingya

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Myanmar, since political isolationism in 1962 and under military rule, this state was closed from outside world. There is not much information acknowledged by international community regarding the situation in Myanmar. There is no clear and obvious information in how Rohingyas becomes object of perpetrator and getting brutal violence from the majorities. For example, in 1991-2, the army has arranged for about 250,000 Rohingya communities to flee to Bangladesh, and they were repatriated without ‘given citizenship’ by the state (Dittmer, 2010). In addition, the data reported by Rianne ten Veen and the Islamic Human Rights Commision said that in 1991, Muslim Rohingya was targeted as object of abuses. While, the data had also shown that in the…show more content…
A year later, in 1997, SLORC initiated an anti-Muslim riot in Mandalay and other cities. The government reported to have involvement in the riot and it happened in Mandalay and other cities (Veen, 2005). The issue of anti-Muslim riots also happened in 2001, anti-Muslim violence had also done in Sitwe, Muslim and Buddhists killed and injured. Since that time, the Government decided for travel restriction on Muslim in the area of conflict, particularly those who do travel between Sitwee and others tows. In these cases, there were no informations whether Muslim-Rohingya involved in the conflict or not. However, the issue of anti Muslim (non-Rohingya) spreads out to the others Muslim communities. The data from Amnesty International reported that Karen Muslim community also had became victims. A refugee from Muslim Karen Woman from Hpa’an Township KayenState, said that her village was destroyed in April 2004, including their mosque by the…show more content…
Homelands are spaces where national narratives are made, to which past struggles and dreams of the future belong. All homeland are “lands of hope and glory” but also, space of the nightmare of ethnic violence take

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