Political Wilding In Congress

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Today in our society politics plays a huge part in our lives, but not everyone knows about it. Around 35% of people cannot name one branch of government while almost 78% of people could not name one of their senators( Roberts). Senators who are apart of the senate, represents each state in congress to pass laws and approve or reject treaties and presidential nominations for government offices( Roberts).The members of the House of Representatives called the Representatives, responses to needs of the people faster since they have a shorter term than the Senator ( Roberts). The job of a Representative is similar to the job of a Senator. To get to these positions Representatives and Senators must run. Running for the position requires an abundance…show more content…
Wilding can be described as “ordinary to extraordinary, profit-oriented or pleasure seeking and can effect corporations and government as well as individuals of each race, class and gender(Derber 4). The major corporation and political wilding I had came across was by Comcast. Comcast funded Bob Casey allowing Casey to pursue talking to he Federal Communications Commission in order to take over their leading competitor making it corporation wilding. The political wilding that occurred was when Casey went to talk to the Federal Communications Commission in order to keep his funding by his largest contributor. Another political wilding finding I had came across was when Casey because the “main instrument” of passing legislation in order to allow Air Products and Chemicals to continue to obtaining helium despite the shortage. This was political wilding because Casey became a “main instrument” by help passing legislature that helped one of his main funders of his campaign. This was also corporation wilding on Air Products and Chemicals because despite of the shortage of helium that they know about they continued to pursue multiple senators and other congressmen to pass legislation that would allow them to continue their helium products since they are a global leader of it. “Under global capitalism today, there is no effective regulatory watch-dog protecting the world’s workers, communities, and environment(Derber 55

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