Politicians Don T Pander Summary

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According to the article, Politicians Don’t Pander, the authors believe that politicians don’t pander, politicians speak to the audience that will listen to them. Public officials, in the authors opinion, will use the audience that agrees with their views and make sure that the fifty percent, plus one people they need to get elected for something listens to them and fully agrees with them. Basically, politicians try to shape public opinion to sway to their views. "Politicians track public opinion not to make policy but rather to determine how to craft their public presentations and win public support for the policies they and their public supporters favor," this quote really represents what Lawrence Jacobs, and Robert Shapiro are trying to get across. Politicians figure out what group of people will agree with his or her statements and use them to be the majority to get…show more content…
In my opinion, for our government to work politicians need to listen to the people. The laws passed, the policies made need to be created with the people in mind. With that in mind, if a politician only tells the truth, then the public needs to recognize that the truth may not always be so good. For politicians to pander it may just sound like for politicians to "lie", which isnt the case. I think that politicians should stick to their own personal morals for most of the time. I don’t expect every politican to never stick to at least one important moral issure, and switch just becaset he public all doesn’t agree with him or her. I think it is important for someone to have strong integrity and lidten to their own moral compass but overall tell the honest truth. As a young person in america I understand that not evryhting every politicnas says is the truth, in fact I understand that some officals lie. But for a person who wants to be an elceted officla, in any office, I think they ned to tell the truth and listen to the public, but at the same time have strong good
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