Essay On Politicization Of Human Rights

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ABSTRACT Human right is our birthright. Human rights protect our legal rights, such as life, education opportunity, freedom of speech, freedom of thought and religion. And the most important is freedom of movement. However, in massive of developing countries or centralized government deprive them of power. In those countries, the authorities participation and implementation of repressive policies to enhance their ’s political awareness and behavior. In instance, in North Korea, a large number of North Korean defectors have exiled to China, South Korea and Russia etc. The exiles risk their lives to protect Human rights and freedom. This paper tried to explore politicization of human rights that harmful for our birthright and freedom.
Politicization of human rights,
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Freedom from torture
3. Freedom from slavery
4. Right fair trial freedom of speech
5. Freedom of thought, conscience and religion
6. Freedom of movement
In my opinion, Politicization of human rights exists political tendency, For example, some courtiers or government utilize oneself features to implement self- interest. However, a disguise of protected human rights, what to interfere and limiting development of human rights. I thought the politicization of human rights refers to some parts:
1. Centralized government:in my opinion is power highly level of government holds political authority, military power in the one state. For example, North Korea and the Russian Federation, there were centralized political system that highly level concentrated by government or president and prime minister.
2. Unitary state: it’s in sovereignty state or government only as a single power or entity. Unitary state or government is supreme that to control it. I will analyze the politicization of human rights from the above substantive Human rights of 6 aspects, and take examples.

ANALYSIS On the one hand, human rights is our birthright, we have rights to life, speech and opportunity to
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