Politics After Reconstruction

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After the war ended in 1865, the US government faced the major problem of re-combining confederate states into one union (Foner, 2016). Reconstruction programs between 1865 and 1877 were meant to rebuild the southern economy that had collapsed and integrate the African Americans and freed slaves into full USA citizens (Boyer, 2005). The success of the reconstruction period is however questionable because of corruption claims, a president who was incompetent and the backlash witnessed in the southern culture. Perceiving the reconstruction period in terms of culture indicates that progress was made to bring normalcy in the US. In this paper, it will be argued that the reconstruction after the civil war was a failure since little was changed.…show more content…
Holding a position in the House of Representatives, Steven’s agenda was economic growth for the freed slaves. His objective was to see all former slaves working to fend for themselves instead of relying on the whites as if they were before the civil war. Charles also pushed for the same agenda. As a senator, he fought for provision of political rights to the African Americans and their citizenship rights. He argues that since all men have equal rights, the constitution was supposed to support this equality. Given that, President Johnson had been formerly the vice president; his agenda reflected that of President Lincoln. Unfortunately most of the radicals never approved of his plans. They were convinced that he neglected the main concern of rights for former slaves. Thus, President Johnson was impeached in 1868. Even though he still held office, he lacked authority to implement his agendas. After the impeachment, the Congress took over with its own reconstruction plans. The congress passed the Reconstruction Act with two main objectives. The first agenda was to command the troops to amass residence in several confederate south states. Secondly, states that wanted blacks’ inclusion into the union were required to change the 14th amendment. All the states were required to agree that since all people born in USA were citizens,…show more content…
As the new president after Lincoln’s death, he was convinced that reconstruction was his job, and not for the congress. As a stubborn person, the president never made any compromises. He based his policies on the goals of President Lincoln; creating new governments for each state and charitable activities for former confederates. Waiting for a long period before returning in session affected the southern economy. No progress was made for 8 months, as the president waited for congress sessions. For instance, the president never implemented anything regarding voting rights of the blacks. A few of the states also refused to adhere to the 13th amendment that had prohibited slavery during this period. Most of the laws passed in the southern limited African American freedom. Thus, the black codes were meant to ensure that the freed slaves provided labor again while working in
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