Politics And Politics In Tendulkar's Encounter In Umbugland

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Encounter in Umbugland expresses Tendulkar’s impression about the politicians and their politics with poignant sarcasm. It reveals that the very life of politics is falsehood and hypocrisy and that the political language is a completely dishonest one. As in India, in the play also, Democracy has become a synonym for autocracy or dictatorship. The play clarifies that one should not be true to oneself in politics. One has to become dehumanized. It is an exemplary piece of falsehood. Everyone in the play tells lies to one another so as to escape safely. It shows how the desire of rising higher and higher makes people suppress their humaneness. In their scramble for power they lose their peace and happiness. The play allegorically reflects the political encounter of syndicate group of the Indian National Congress with Indira Gandhi in 1971. King Vichitravirya, the all-powerful monarch of Umbagland is decrepit and old. The play opens with the sixtieth coronation. His cabinet ministers are disunited and all wish to rule the country individually after the death of the king; a totally corrupt ministry. The king has a daughter, Vijaya, a playful girl. Soon the king dies and the problem of succession arises. The ministers take Vijaya as their compromise with a policy that “she’ll be the rule and they’ll be the rulers”. But their hopes of ruling the country behind a puppet queen gets shattered, because the queen comes up as a determined, mature and ambitious lady. The

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