Analysis Of Encounter In Umbugland By Tendulkar

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Encounter in Umbugland expresses Tendulkar’s impression about the politicians and their politics with poignant sarcasm. It reveals that the very life of politics is falsehood and hypocrisy and that the political language is a completely dishonest one. As in India, in the play also, Democracy has become a synonym for autocracy or dictatorship. The play clarifies that one should not be true to oneself in politics. One has to become dehumanized. It is an exemplary piece of falsehood. Everyone in the play tells lies to one another so as to escape safely. It shows how the desire of rising higher and higher makes people suppress their humaneness. In their scramble for power they lose their peace and happiness. The play allegorically reflects…show more content…
According to Karkashirsha, Vratyasom has been involved in thirteen acts of official dishonesty. Vratyasom gets emotional and reveals the truth of politics:
Let’s not open our mouths too wide about principle and honesty. To observe these two virtues in politics is as inappropriate and stupid as celibacy after marriage. You and I are politicians… it means we are partners in the most profitable game of skullduggery. (EU 273)

King Vichitravirya intuitively knows the ambition of his ministers to capture the throne after him. He says:
…Discussions are held. Secret conclaves meet. Astrologers are consulted about our life expectancy. What is more, bribes are offered to our royal physician through the hands of others. The intention being, that if we contracted any disease, the happy tiding should be given to you at once…We receive the most detailed intelligence.(EU278)

He advises his ministers to serve the people selflessly and to let him rule the country. As he speaks, he poses for the painter to paint his portrait. Soon he dies in that pose as the painter finishes his painting. All are shocked by the sudden death of the
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