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In the informative novel Politics written by Aristotle, the focus was to express the best way that a city can be ran efficiently through politics. During this book, Aristotle doesn't focus much on how the individual is affected by the city but focused more on how the city is formed by the individuals in it. An important element of the city is the household which he expressed is broken down in three different relationships. The relationships within the household are the husband and wife, father and son, and master and slave. Aristotle believed there were a natural selection of who should be in charge of the household and city from any aspect. Throughout this book, there is also an internal argument of how different political systems can effect…show more content…
During this time civilizations weren't as strong and the roles of humans in a city were guided to what was needed by its community. Aristotle dates himself and the era he was present in when he talks about Athens and Sparta, which relates to around 400 B.C.E. During these times Athens and Sparta were super powers and had two different styles of governing its people. As expressed in his text, he showed the differences between a democracy and an oligarchy, which was the difference in Athens and Sparta. Athens was ran as a democracy which was that the people of the society held power. In this Athenian democracy, there was no difference of its citizens and the government officials, this form of government is called a direct democracy. The Spartan government was known to be an oligarchy because the power wasn't in the citizens of its city. The power in the Spartan government was made up of a small group of rulers called a "council of elders" with 2 kings. The point that Aristotle makes from these two government is that true union in the community doesn't happen until both of those extremes are present in

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