Politics In Politics: The Philosophy Of Politics

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In our times politics could be seen almost everywhere media, sports, religion, etc. it’s because many people wants to be in politics or be engaged. Studying political thought lets your mind to be opened and engaged in many different political problems what we have today by studying and knowing some works and views of great philosophers you will learn systematic reasoning and critical inquiry on many different political ideas that we have today. This would let you help solve problems and let you analyze past and present issues regarding politics through applying what you have learned about how this philosophers view and think about politics. This would able you to compare their thoughts for you to come up what’s the best and right political thought that we could use and apply. It could be said that politics is everywhere because everyone is into politics. You may be a person who is directly engaged in politics by becoming a politician or someone who is a constituent of politics through living in a society where government exist. When you turn on the television or the go into the internet you will always see politics. Politicians use media for their campaigns during their elections and they also use it as a way of encouraging people to approve or gain their trust. Politics could also be seen in sports because politicians also use sports to promote theirselves and solidify their reputation, this could clearly be seen during Olympics wherein a many politicians attend to. The

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