Politics: The Layers Of Power Language In Politics

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The Layers of Power Language in Politics
Just like the Earth, the purpose of power language in politics can be broken down into different layers. In order to showcase not only what power language is, but its prevalence in politics. The layers of power language in politics start with, how power language is prevalent in politics. By going a layer deeper it shows the facts and statistics that back up power language used in politics. When you get to the layer closest to the core you examine more personable accounts to prove the prevalence, and finally the last and deepest layer, the core of power language.
Most people have heard something about the most recent election, and some may have heard more than they wanted to hear. Due to this last election, saying two words someone could ruin a family dinner, create a heated discussion, or form a forever bond. There are two words that have power behind them not because of the definition of the words, but because of the thoughts associated with them, Donald Trump. Whether you support him or not, by definition he possesses the essence of power language. He made people feel a certain way through his way of communication. He grabs people 's attention by using “informal language” or home language. The informal type of communication contains little to no filter and the use of common vocabulary as the main dialect. There were many other candidates in the past election who utilized power language as well. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

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