Politics: The Relationship Between Economics And Politics

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Economics is a theoretical science that analyzes the economic consequences of all modes of human action. It examines the prices of goods, wages, and interest rate and asked for principles of production, distribution, and consumption. It searches for the most direct way to reach the goal selected. This does not justify or condemn any economic motive; it is "value free." Politics is the art of government, including policies, objectives and concerns, methods and tactics, and ambition partisan or factional and action. It was interesting for a variety of motives and intentions and guided by the preference of many moral choices made by individuals in their relationships with others. Politics has also been defined as "who gets what, when, how." In the words of President John F. Kennedy, "Political action is the highest responsibility of citizens."
The relationship between economics and politics is clearly visible. sustain economic production of human life, for most people, is the most important concerns in life. The prestige of democratic government, up and down, mostly dependent on economic performance. Policies need to be a nice largest number of people who decided to democratic elections and reelections. But voters, as well as representatives they choose, may also be guided by the economic ideas and doctrines popular than fitting and proper. Public opinion may be affected by an appeal to the emotions and prejudices rather than reason and common sense. political writer and

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