Politics: The Role Of Fracking In Politics

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Cracking is defined as an action of “dispersing the members of a particular group across two or more districts, state legislators can dilute that group’s voting power and prevent it from electing a representative in any district.” (We the People, 385). Clearly, the state legislators handle the power of collecting votes based on their favor. In this method, it decreasing ability of winning of a particular party based on splitting voters in small and multiple districts. For example, in the Congressional district in Columbus, the state’s capital of Ohio, in 2006, because Democrats were growing larger than Republicans, Republicans divided Democrats into three districts and added more republicans to decrease the influence of Democrat party. As the result, the Republic was winners with holding all three seats (Cooper, How…show more content…
According to the statistic of We the people, “most members of Congress are elected in landslide elections, and why 98 percent of incumbents are re-elected.” (385). It is actually hard for new candidates to win and replace incumbents because of redistricting. In other words, the results are almost in the desire of legislators, so the voting of citizens looks wasting time and money and does not express their right in the election. The purpose of election to look for the winner with the highest rate of votes, but gerrymandering interrupts that purpose and drives the result into their bias parties. Therefore, the election in America does not prove that it is a democracy country as far as existing gerrymandering.
In conclusion, America is not a democracy, and gerrymandering contributes to this statement. Using different methods such cracking and packing makes the elections to be unequal. As the result, voting of American citizens is considered an action that is useless in elect their candidates because state legislators split or gather their partisan members as their

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