Essay On The Effects Of Pollution On Sea Turtles

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While researching about how pollution affects sea turtles, we faced some issues on finding different types of pollution. As most people know, the plastic waste that is being dumped into the oceans and onto the beaches is becoming a main food source for sea turtles. When sea turtles see this trash, they consume the plastic causing death or severe sickness which has caused this species to become endangered. They also get tangled with the plastic in the ocean restricting them from normal movement and function. During our research, we found that there are more types of pollution affecting sea turtles than just plastic waste in the ocean. For example, the nitrogen runoff and arginine build-up settling in the sea turtle’s habitats is causing tumors…show more content…
Haven researched information on other types of pollution that causes disease in sea turtles and found that increased nitrogen footprint levels is causing increased amounts of diseased turtles. He explained our problem at hand and added figure 2, which he found in his research. Rylee researched information on human pollution that is found in the ocean and how it has caused sea turtles to become endangered. She found that the deceased turtles ingested high levels of pollution which caused their deaths. She gave our background information explaining our topic and provided figure 3, which helps prove our point that pollution is the cause of deaths in turtles. Macee also researched other types of pollution that has caused disease and tumor growth in this species of turtles. She found that arginine build-up growing on algae in their habitats is poisoning these turtles and causing tumors due to increased arginine levels when the algae is ingested. She explained the effects all of this pollution had on sea turtles and inserted figure 1, which was found during her research and backs up her information. Bryson helped find information to back up our topic and conclude our subject at hand. He also wrote our conclusion based on the information that he gathered in his research. Together, we worked as a group to design our poster and cite our sources that we used to explain our

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