Environmental Factors: The Role Of Air Pollution In Restaurants

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B. Restaurants:
Everyone has heard of air pollution coming from smokestacks and automobiles; however, most do not know that the smoke and fumes exhausted from your local neighborhood restaurant can be detrimental to your health as well. According to the EPA
(Environmental Protection Agency) as early as 1991, exhaust from nearby buildings, such as restaurants, can enter your home and create a higher level of indoor air pollution. Many restaurants use grills and char broilers to cook their food, which release high levels of carbon monoxide into the air. The carbon monoxide that is exhausted to the air outside is released into the atmosphere and can drift into our home. Another pollutant released by restaurant ventilation systems is smoke. These particles contain an unknown
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The smoke released from restaurant ventilation systems can have similar effects to that of secondhand cigarette smoke (Charleston,
2005). However, according to EPD ( Environmental Protection
Department) oil fumes and cooking odour emitted from cooking processes are one of the air pollutants with come under the control of the Air Pollution Control Ordinance. Restaurants owners and operators are required to take appropriate pollution control measure in order to minimize the emission of air pollutants. This some equipment that being mentioned are required to used in order to control the emission of the air pollutants toward in the

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