Environmental Impacts Of Renewable Energy

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Humans have ravaged mother Earth for thousands upon thousands of years, and will continue to do so, unless something is done. The reason the Humans search for another habitable planet? Simple. The planet is becoming toxic. The air, the water, the ocean, and even the animals. The drilling for oil, Nuclear Power plants, Toxic waste, and chemicals are causing the human race to shorten the amount of time they have left on the Earth. All of this is due to pollution, the reason the planet is becoming less and less habitable.
Why do Alternative Energy sources matter? Why do people still destroy the Earth? What has been attempted? What caused Pollution to bloom? What are solutions to stop it? Who realized this needs to be stopped? What is being actively
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Obviously, but it is also one of the most sustainable ways to produce power, as it produces no toxic pollution, or global warming factors. While alternative energy does all of this, nuclear power and coal do the opposite. They do substantial harm, such as air and water pollution, damage to public health, wildlife and habitat loss, water use, land use, and global warming emissions. (Environmental Impacts of Renewable Energy Technologies. Union of Concerned Scientists, www.ucsusa.org/clean-energy/renewable-energy/environmental-impacts#.WpSL NeinHrc. February 26,2018.) This means that the cleanest way to produce energy, is through wind turbines, dams, and solar panels. The way to reduce the pollution would be to slowly convert to not using…show more content…
Fusion Energy is generated through forcing two atoms together until their cores merge, causing a shattering amount of energy. This type of energy has held lots of promise, to create energy without radioactive waste, carbon emissions, or geopolitical entanglements with oil and nuclear fission reactors. Which is quite good, and could significantly reduce pollution, and end it. A power plant has been built, and is the size of a mobile home. It’s called “fusion engine” and people hope that it could power a small town for ten years, using only a miniscule of raw materials. Which is about a pickup trucks load of stuff. A fusion reaction that continually explodes in the center of a magnetic field wouldn’t require boiling water at all. According to Kirtley at Helion energy, “‘We don’t want a campfire,’ he says, ‘We want a diesel engine.’” He and his team are slowly moving toward a machine that makes more energy than it receives. They expect that it will happen within the next decade. In the event that the do not, he says that some other team will. “In the next ten years, we’re generating electricity from fusion.” he says. Which means that this is a very real solution that is happening NOW, around the globe. People are working on this very
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