Pollution And Pollution

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Low Polluting Emission Energy Production Essay Name: Shafin Kheraj, Grade: MYP 5A Today is the modern world of development where with the advancement of Technology the Population is rapidly increasing at full pace. With the growth in population the demands and movements of people is also increasing day by day, due to which the energy production and consumption upsurges. In the modern day technology, energy is predominantly use to run vehicles, for generating electricity in power plants and for production of materials in industries, and due to this it emits such polluting emissions in Air and water which is enough to destroy our mother nature. Majority of the world countries run on the non-renewable energy sources like Fossil fuels ex: coal, petroleum etc. and Nuclear power. These Non-Renewable energy sources are cheap and limited on the earth, it converts the chemical energy to electric energy but emits harmful pollutants like Carbon dioxide and Carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. Today with the available technology, most of the energy production is hazardous for the environment and due to which world is suffering from serious pollution crisis. Every year more than 3 million people die worldwide due to Air pollution while most of the pollution released in atmosphere are from the power plants, industries and vehicles and other major impact caused due to fossil fuels is on environment, the
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