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Nothing interrupts a quiet evening at home quite like the smell of a sewer wafting through the room. Even if you are meticulous in your bathroom cleaning, your home may develop a foul odor. Likely sources of the smell include dry drain traps, pooled water and worn sewer trap plugs. Eliminating the smell is usually easy once you find the source. Fixing the problem and opening a few windows will clear the odor and get things back to normal. Check Your Traps The plumbing under sinks, bathtubs and toilets all have a u-shaped pipe in them called the trap. The trap has to purposes. One is to collect foreign objects such as jewelry that may accidentally be dropped into a drain. This makes it possible to retrieve lost items and keeps them from moving further down the line where they…show more content…
This ring is made of wax and it sits between your toilet and the floor, creating a seal between the toilet and the sewer pipe. This ring helps prevent leaks and, like a drain trap, serves as a barrier between your home and sewer gasses. was rings become brittle with age and may crack, letting noxious gasses into your home. A new wax ring will solve the problem and is fairly easy to install. The project does involve removing your toilet, however, so call a plumber for help if you need it. Caulk the…show more content…
This guard is the black rubber piece you see when you look at your sink drain. Even if you clean your garbage disposal frequently, the disposal cleaning process usually fails to clean the underside of the guard, To clean it, manually life the guard flaps up into the sink, turning the guard inside out, and manually scrub the underside of the rubber to remove grime and food debris. The odor that comes from a disposal guard isn't technically a sewer smell, but it does accurately mimic the odor and is sometimes the source of smelly

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