Pollution Essay: The Haze Problem In Malaysia

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A. Haze problem is a phenomenon where dust, smoke, and particles are dried and assembled in the air, causing blurred vision and reduced visibility. This happens when weather conditions prevent the contaminants from widely disseminated. What happens when the haze is concentrated pollutants to the area and draped it and this generally results in a less clear view and can also be a threat to health, especially the health of the respiratory system.

B. Nowadays , the haze is a particularly acute problem in Malaysia and other countries in Southeast Asia, especially in the last two decades. This is a problem that is still ongoing and is being handled by the ASEAN countries.

C. The three reasons of haze problem are forest fires on a large scale,
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First of all, haze problem is caused by forest fire on a large scale.

1. In our neighboring country, Indonesia forest fires often occur because the Indonesia wants to build new infrastructure such as buildings, schools and highways. This resulted in widespread forest fires. When the wind is blowing from Sumatra to Malaysia, the wind will carry the haze along to our country. As a result, we are increasingly poisoned air moreover, the Air Pollution Index in our country exceeds dangerous levels. Meaning of haze in The English Dictionary is something such as heat or smoke in the air that makes it less clear, so that it is difficult to see well.

a. Therefore, forest fires will cause smoke and dust and materials that have been flying at half the fuel and atmospheric haze occurs.

B . Furthermore, the second obvious reason is open burning.

1. People who do open burning uncontrollably also make the haze worsen. Open burning is done by those who want to eliminate something like rubbish. Some citizens also open burning in the back of their own homes. They are too lazy to bring garbage to landfills or waste recycling center back. So they took the easy way out by burning their rubbish without care if smoke from open burning, which gradually leads to

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