Pollution In Haiti

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Hunger effects so many different countries and people all over the world. It is one of the leading causes of death in many third world countries. There are many different causes of it as well. Lack of education, weather and poor crop production all play factors into this problem. However, very poor water quality is one of the largest problems of them all.

Haiti, the poorest country in the world, is located southeast of Florida. It is an island split into two different countries. Haiti is positioned on the west half while the Dominican Republic lies on the east section of land. Here they have a very heat intensive climate. During what we consider the winter months, their temperatures range from seventy degrees at night up to eighty-five degrees during the day hours. While in their summer months, the temperatures can reach up to one hundred degrees. This is great for getting a tan but can hurt the crop production for food.

The temperatures play into the water crisis as well. With such high heat, water will dry up quickly. This
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One cap full of the chlorine should be added to another five gallon bucket of water. Let that water mixture sit for an hour and you now have safe drinking, bathing, and cooking water!

Becoming educated is also part of the solution to healthier lives! The people that distribute the product also included greatly detailed instructions. These instuctions are written in the common language of the land so they are easily understood by all! The key is to remember five to three to one!

This miraculous process could save thousands of lives! The start to ending world hunger begins with keeping citizens healthy and alive! Ending one large sickening cause is a great first step in solving a problem many have set out to do! Clean water is just the beginning to a brighter, cleaner and healthier
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