Environmental Problems In Honduras

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Pollution in Honduras is something that is affecting Hondurans lately. Sadly in recent years pollution had increased due to hazardous activity on Honduras. To tell the truth Hondurans must begin to become aware of the country. Honduras 30 years ago was a very beautiful country, but lamentably it is being destroyed slowly as cancer destroys a body. Due to misunderstanding of people towards the environment, the country is getting worse. In fact Honduras is mainly contaminated because of Carbon monoxide from vehicles and Industry , Drains or sewage contaminated sea or rivers,and the squander of important natural resources. In fact Honduras is mainly contaminated because of Carbon monoxide from vehicles and Industry. Recently this has been a problem that has increased because of how popular cars had become. Some people prefer to use a car…show more content…
Natural resources are important for survival, without them people wouldn’t live. In Honduras natural resources are being wasted or not taken care of, for example trees are burned very often. “Natural resources are very important to all communities throughout the world. In fact, without natural resources, we couldn’t survive! Trees, minerals, water, and animals are all examples of natural resources. Without them, we would have no food, clothing, or shelter. “ (Natural Resources Helps Communities Grow, 1) Subsequently natural resources should be protected because it can help the economy of Honduras. “ Saudi Arabia is in the southwestern part of the continent of Asia. This region of the world produces lots of oil. Saudi Arabia exports, or sells, much of this oil to countries like the United States. Oil is very important to the economy of Saudi Arabia. “ (Natural Resources Helps Communities Grow, 1) So, if in Honduras natural resources were protected it will help the economy because they can be exported to other

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