Pollution Of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Pollution

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Petroleum hydrocarbon pollution as a great environment concern : Hydrocarbon contamination in the environment related to anthropogenic sources could be from petroleum, pesticides or any toxic organic matter. The most serious problem of hydrocarbons contamination that derived from petroleum because it has a great toxic effect to the surrounding environment of all systems of life. The term of petroleum hydrocarbon is defined as a complex mixture composed of many hydrocarbon deposits which is naturally found deep under the surface of the ground. And it is known as crude oil when it derives out from the ground. The petroleum hydrocarbon is treated into a variety of products such as diesel, gasoline, kerosene and asphalt which they have many different usage in industrial fields. Because of their large use in variety of industries, they are transported from the production site to other sites and even to consumers by different types of transportation like ships, rails, trucks and pipelines. As a result, the most anthropogenic source of petroleum hydrocarbon pollution is oil spillage during storage and transportation and it’s associated to disposal processes and accidental leaks or spills. Consequently, the petroleum hydrocarbons have become one of the most prevalent pollutants in the soil and groundwater due to fully dependence on petroleum as main cradle of energy around the world. The World Health Organization (WHO), the Agency of Environmental Protection (AEP) and different

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