Essay On Pollution Of Rivers

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Pollution of surface water has become a global concern. Surface water resources played an important role in the development of human civilization. In developing countries there is lack of adequate infrastructure and facilities,so the major part of the liquid waste is disposed offin the surface water bodies [1].In India the total wastewater is generated about 22,900 million liters per day (mld) from the urban domestic sources, only the treatment of 5900 mld are done and rest remains untreated[1].The rivers of India are heavily polluted and its endangering the existence of aquatic life. The polluted surface water adversely affecting the ecological health of the aquatic system, when organic matterdegradesit reduces the dissolved oxygen in water resulting in anoxic conditions.The organic pollution level in an aquatic ecosystem is measured by biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and dissolved oxygen (DO) [2].In an aquatic system, the BOD is the primary parameter needed for assessment of water quality and the same is used for the development of the management strategies for the safeguarding the water resources.The available method for BOD…show more content…
Increase inawareness among people aboutdeteriorating water quality and the ecological health of the river systems in the country, the regulatory agencies have formed stringent laws for their protection and restoration of their ecological health. Because of this, so many river quality monitoring and restoration programs have been launched in the country,however it can’t be maintained for long time throughout the country, as monitoring programs is very difficult due to the financial constraints[6]. Therefore, some suitable low-cost, reliable and fast methods for the water quality monitoring with particular reference to DO and BOD levels are need of

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