How Does Pollution Affect The Environment

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Transportation is one of the basic sources of human nature civilizations. If there is no transportation on Land Sea and by air there may not be communication to human beings in this planet. But there is also side effects of transportation which it pollutes our earth makes difficult for man and animals.
Pollution means the harmful wastes produced by humans which damage our environment in many ways. This pollution comes from households, vehicles, industries, and farms which releases chemicals. In short pollution means the energy or matter which is released in to the environment which brings a change in ecosystem.
The world with its fastest growth of its population simultaneously one of human necessities likes a transportation vehicles also enormously
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It is not from the recent years it is since 1950s. There is a low densely material in order to motivate in order to reduce the ferrous materials not using in automobile. As indicated the materials which are replaced has got less density. It also shows that mass density replace automobile has an advantage of fuel economy. This shows making 10% reduction in mass yields 5% improvement in fuel economy. The US automakers the last 25 years they responded to the government CAFÉ (Corporate average Fuel Economy) they changed the materials to make automobile to lighter ones like aluminum and plastics. As well as there are another components like Magnesium, polymer composites ceramics also favorably viewed as…show more content…
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