Pollutions And Assignment: Acidification Of Oceans

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Acidification of oceans
Attiqa Khaliq
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Acidification of Oceans
For millions of years, Earth’s oceans have maintained a relatively stable acidity level. Research shows that a recent and rapid drop in surface pH that could have shocking global consequences through the distortion of the ocean’s acidity. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution fossil fuel-powered machines is used .The result of this industrial revolution has been the emission of tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases into Earth’s atmosphere. The rapid growth in the use of fossil fuels has increased the amount of global carbon dioxide emissions.
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These extreme changes to earth’s atmosphere and environment have resulted in numerous undulation effects including the acidification of the ocean. The ocean is a complex mixture of chemicals primarily consisting of water, sodium chloride and trace elements of magnesium, sulphur, potassium, calcium and bromine. Calcium is the most important constituent as it is important in sustaining marine life and plays a role in chemical balance of ocean. The acidification of ocean precipitated by global warming is causing a change in the chemical relations of these various ecological

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