Polonius Character Analysis

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Reynaldo Yes, very well, sir.
Polonius You should say: “I sort of know him”, “Isn’t he the one who always”. Make up whatever you want, like he’s your average young guy, and the kind of trouble they get to.
Reynaldo Like gambling perhaps, sir?
Polonius That’s right! Or drinking, swearing, fist fighting.
Reynaldo But that would ruin his reputation!
Polonius Oh no, not if you say it right. Make it seem like a free or good spirit that’s gone a little to the bad side.
Reynaldo But sir-
Polonius Why am I telling you to do this? Isn’t that what you want to know?
Reynaldo Yes sir, I would like to know.
Polonius Well, here’s what I’m thinking. As you talk with someone and hint about my son’s faults and little sins, you’ll watch his reaction, and if he’s ever seen Laertes do any of these things, it will only be natural for him to agree with you, at that point you would be able to accurately report my son’s behaviour. You get my point don’t you?
Reynaldo Yes, sir.
Polonius Have a safe trip agent Reynaldo. Oh, and don’t forget to see what he’s up to with your own eyes, don’t trust gossip.
Reynaldo I will, sir. Thank you.
Polonius I hope he’s studying art like he’s supposed to, Goodbye.
Reynaldo Exits, and Ophelia enters.
Polonius Ophelia? Is something the matter?
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I’ve wanted to see you for a long time now, but I sent for you so hastily because I need your help right away. You’ve probably heard about the “change” that’s come over Hamlet; that’s the only word for it, since inside and out he’s different from what he was before. I can’t imagine what’s made him so unlike himself, other than his father’s death. Since you both grew up with him and are so familiar with his personality and behavior, I’m asking you to stay a while at the palace and spend some time with him. See if you can get Hamlet to have some fun, and find out if there’s anything in particular that’s bothering him, so we can set about trying to fix
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