Polonius Jealousy In Hamlet

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Hamlet continuously attains and attitude of mockery towards Polonius in Act II. Polonius believes that he can prove Hamlet’s source of madness as one derived from Hamlet’s love for Ophelia. Since the start of their conversation, Hamlet mocks Polonius stating, “Excellent well; you are a fishmonger”(II.iv.190) and pretends as though he does not know who Polonius is. This insult towards Polonius brings about an amusing tone as Polonius does not know he is being mocked. Polonius believes that Hamlet’s words justify his insanity.
Hamlet even compares Polonius to Jephthah, a biblical judge who kills his daughter due to a promise made to God. Hamlet is insulting Polonius’ mistreatment of Ophelia, whom he just utilizes for his advantage to gain favor

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