Hamlet And Polonius Foolish

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Forgettable Heros

In the Shakespeare 's play Hamlet Polonius is the tragic hero. Hamlet 's describes a person “who was in life a foolish prating knave.”(Shakespeare 3.4.338) In the eyes of the reader what Polonius is doing is foolish. However, his foolishness does not take away the virtues in Polonius actions. In fact, it compounds the tragedy in his story. Hamlet on the other hand is the main antagonist of the story and causes all of the calamities. These two characters with their respective families are criticisms to the fundamental flaw with how royal families function. Throughout the play Polonius left on the side, he is given no major part until his death. Polonius is a minor character, however his actions are the most heroic out of
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Unlike his other Danish legendary hero counterparts, Hamlet has no courage and no honor. Hamlet hopes to find his uncle” When he is drunk, or in his rage, or in th’ incestuous pleasure of his bed.”(3.4.95) He not only wants Claudius to be helpless, but to also be denied entry into heaven. This decision to hide in the shadows for the perfect moment, is cowardly and ridiculous. Hamlet is favored by the people, so wouldn’t it make sense to turn the people against Claudius? This is actually one of the reasons why Claudius is unable to punish Hamlet, because “Why to a public count I might not go, Is the great love the general gender bear him who, dipping all his faults in affection.” (4.7.20-21) The people favor Hamlet even after he wrongly murdered Polonius. Furthermore, Hamlet 's father returning as a ghost to tell Hamlet of Claudius’s crime, could convince any doubters of the validity of Hamlets claim. This does not happen however, and his whole revenge plan get everyone killed. Not only do innocent bystanders get killed, but also people Hamlet loves die. The most repulsing action though is Hamlet not taking responsibility for his actions. When he kills Polonius, he tells his mother ”You cannot call it love, for at your age the heyday in the blood is tame, its humble and waits upon judgement.”(3.4.78-80). Hamlet is basically saying the she is too old to love his uncle

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