Pols 1101 Week 1 Personal Reflection

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Prior to taking POLS 1101, I had already obtained much knowledge about America under British rule, and the struggle that led us to become the independent country we are today. What I did not know is our current government structure and the processes and systems of our government. I also learned more about the Electoral College, the United States Supreme Court, the Nuclear Deal, and Britain’s “question time.” I enjoyed participating in these discussions, because each post required research, exploration, and consideration before meaningful dialogue; it requires students to analyze textbooks, the media, and much more, leading to one gaining a well rounded knowledge on a subject. I have also enjoyed the opportunity to read what my peers had to say on the exact same question, comparing and contrasting our answers and opinions.

Two of my favorite trips that we, as a class have taken this semester were: the trip to Congress and the trip to the land of interest groups. During the trip to Congress, I had the privilege of better understanding how a bill becomes a law; I was asked to select a legislation and describe the purpose and history of this legislation. I remember picking out something that captured my attention: a legislation that stated, companies can now label genetically modified food as “natural,”
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Prior to this class, I was unaware of the knowledge on websites, media, and further informational outlets to aid me in researching political events, interest groups and legislation, and thus providing me a more well rounded viewpoint. Now with my knowledge of the government system, informational outlets, and many other things, I can exercise my rights to change the community and country; I believe the familiarity with our systems obtained in this class, it will be easy to find and participate in political events around me and make a
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