Poltergeist Curse Research Paper

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Poltergeist Curse: Myth or Reality
The word Poltergeist is a compound of the German verb “polter” that mean to make noise. It is described by the Germans as the noisy ghost or the noisy spirit. It was first discovered in the 1st century in Germany. This ghost was responsible for physical disturbance, such as loud noises, and objects being moved, destroyed or thrown on people. Poltergeist are known to have attempted communication audibly or by writing, even though most messages are malicious. The most common question is that, do these incidents occur from a single entity or from within the witnesses themselves? Children have been known to have been attacked or maimed by unseen forces, and also injured by flying projectiles. Houses have been
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The markings soon disappeared, but the shock didn't. Also in this case there was water forming that were later analyzed by North West Water laboratories. The results showed a huge amount of conductivity, something not normally found in water. The most common variant about Poltergeist is the movie made from it. In this movie, the poltergeist curse where a California family found themselves at the mercy of the strange titular phenomena when following a series of strange and violent incidents. Their daughter Carol-Anne is taken away to ‘The Other Side’. When a team of parapsychologists are called in and eventually rescue her, it is discovered that (in what has become something of a cliché over the years) the Freeling’s home is located over a Native American burial ground. It was a box-office hit, and two sequels would follow in 1986 and 1988. One month after the publication of the movie, actors from the movies started to suddenly die starting with Dominique Dunne who played the role of Diane who was brutally strangled by her ex-boyfriend. The little girl who played the role Carole Anne also died of a cardiac arrest. Another cast crew from the movie died in an air crash. Also another member of the movie was killed by
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