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17 November 2015
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Poltergeist Reincarnated
Beloved is one of those books that one wouldn 't normally read unless it was a genre of interest. People often say that it’s a hard read but if you can read it, then you can read anything and that, at first, you won 't understand what 's going on but at one point during reading it, everything will eventually fit together. Toni Morrison evokes the psychological impact of slavery with this haunting tale. Beloved is the kind of story that tugs on your heartstrings while also showing the importance and severity of slavery and racial oppression.
The novel is particularly difficult to read because the voices are so often changing within each chapter but the central voice belongs to Sethe, the mother. We experience slavery as it was by those who experienced it. Children of slaves are often taken to become slaves somewhere else and therefore grow up parentless, It is a world in which people vanish and are never seen again, not through accident or covert operation but as a matter of legalities.
A central theme of this novel is mother daughter
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She grew up as a slave and she didn’t want her children to go through that. “It ain 't my job to know what 's worse. It 's my job to know what is and to keep them away from what I know is terrible. I did that" (Morrison 165). She didn’t want her daughters and sons to be abused and raped by slave owners as she was abused by Schoolteacher. There are undertones of slavery and racism but it’s not a main focus of the novel. The main focus is Sethe’s struggles with her inner self and her ilt towards Beloved and less so, Denver’s coming of age.
Beloved is described as a great american novel because it makes you think of the forgotten stories what stories that are chosen to tell to future generations and the stories that are used to define our
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