Polyyesteramides Essay

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-Structure of Polyesteramides- Polyesteramides are group of biodegradable polymer that covers both specialties in the biomedical field and commodity applications. These polymers have amide and ester groups on their chemical structure which give good thermal and mechanical properties. Polyesteramides are polymers with hydrolysable backbones which able to biodegrade under particular conditions. Strong hydrogen bonding interactions between amide groups back up some typical weakness of aliphatic polyester. The properties of polymer like hydrophilic or hydrophobic ratio and biodegradability easily adjusted.

Synthesis of Polyesteramides:

Polyesteramides can be prepared from different monomers and lead to random, blocky and ordered microstructures. The monomers of the polyesteramides are esters and amide bonds linked to each other, which have good vulnerability for
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Biodegradable components are applied to replace materials derived from petrochemicals. Polylactic acid (PLA) is one example of biodegradable polymer which applied regularly in the purpose of packaging. The manufacturing of PLA has advantage of the ability to change the physical properties of the polymer through processing methods. PLA is appied for a variation of films, wrappings, and containers (including bottles and cups). Also, BASF markets have a product called Ecovio® (blend of PLA and the company's biodegradable plastic Ecoflex®). The thin plastic films such as trash bags or even shopping bags are the common application of this biodegradable polymer. Finally, there are many advantages the usage of biodegradable polymer to particular application depend on the properties of the biodegradable polymer that fits that
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