Polyethylene Case Study

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Chapter 1
1.1. Ethylene & Propylene Demand and Supply
Ethylene is a key building block in the petrochemical industry due to its application as raw material for intermediate base chemicals, such as polyethylene, ethylene oxide, and styrene. These base chemicals are applied in innumerable consumer products. Approximately 60% of the world ethylene demand is required for the production of polyethylene. The primary use of polyethylene is in plastic films for packaging and all kind of bags. Ethylene oxide is a raw material in the manufacturing of polyesters, ethylene glycols, surfactants and detergents.
The production of Ethylene has been dominated by the steam cracking process with a worldwide production of ~146 million tonnes per year by 2014. Propylene is a main side product with capacity of ~58 million tonnes per year. It is often used as a swing to balance profitability. Global ethylene production will expand from 146 million tons per year in 2014 to 200 million tons per year by 200, an increase of 54 million tons per year. Of this growth, 24 million tons of production will be Ethane and LPG based, and 15 million tons will be Naphtha-based production. Continuous research and development efforts are performed to achieve better ethylene yield and lower energy consumption. In addition, the use of alternative feed stocks such as biomass, natural gas, synthetic feed stocks from Fischer-Tropsch, methanol, and ethanol has also been pursued.

1.2. General Overview of

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