Polygamist Marriage Analysis

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Polygamous marriage has long been associated with abuse and extremism. The Mormon Fundamentalists are widely known for participating in this practice and their abuse of women and children has been widely publicized. This type of marriage is currently illegal and forces those who practice this type of marriage to live in secrecy and not report abuse to authorities. I’m interested in researching if legalization of polygamist marriage, one man to multiple women, protects or harms women. I will examine three types of media that address polygamist marriage and it’s effects on women. I will review the website article, It’s Time to Legalize Polygamy by Fredrik DeBoer from Politico Magazine. Next I will review the magazine article,
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It is an online and print news magazine that considers its readers to be the most influential people in the country such as leaders that can influence others opinions. The information is secondary in nature and is written as an opinion piece to sway the reader into believing that it is time to legalize polygamist marriage. It does provide an in-depth history of gay marriage and how the same arguments that were used to deny gay marriage are used to deny polygamist marriage. He quoted the Supreme Court on two separate occasions but failed to provide evidentiary support regarding his comparative views of the status of traditional marriages versus polygamist relationships. The article does not cite any references or provide a bibliography. The page does not link to any other organizations. The only links are for articles of similar topics on its own…show more content…
There are numerous footnotes throughout the article. He views marriage and religion as a choice that should not be interfered with by government. His opinions are obvious because although he does mention both sides of the argument, his support of polygamist marriage is evident by his numerous attempts to steer the reader to his point of view. There are no advertisements in the scholarly journal.
The topic of polygamist marriage is becoming more mainstream. Society has witnessed the most horrendous abuses of polygamy and is quick to discount the possible advantages to legalizing this type of union. The mere fact that the discussion taking place is a sign that society is changing its thinking about how marriage is defined. The scholarly journal represented the oldest article, but the rational behind it was the same as the opinionated articles on the website and magazine that were written this year. Are attitudes changing about marriage? Seems that
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