Polygamy Is A Multiplicity Of Practices In Ancient China

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BACKGROUND INTRODUCTION What is polygamy? Polygamy is a multiplicity of practices that may set women against each other or, contradictorily, may bond them together in collective pleasure and mutual benefit. Polygamy in the eighteenth century was defined as a husband’s taking more than one wife, marrying after the death of his first wife, and even his seducing a woman while married to another and therefore being responsible for her ruin. Johnson Dictionary (1755) explains polygamy as “plurality of wives”, but polygamy may also mean simply having sexual commerce with more than one woman on an on-going basis. Polygamy dates back to a long time ago, and it has been practiced by many countries of different cultures all over the world. The Hebrew society partially accepted polygamy and it happened in China too. Polygamy was also encountered at the Native Americans, in the west of African continent and the ancient Greece. Polygamy was largely accepted throughout the world until the Roman Empire and Roman Catholic Church as imposed the rules of having just one wife, but multiple lovers were the norm. Polygamy was largely accepted during the last two thousands of years in the sub-Saharan Africa as well. However in the Hebrew Bible, polygamy was accepted only if a woman had more than one wife, at the same time if a woman had more than one husband it was seen as adultery. In the US polygamous marriage was stated to be an illegal practice. In South Africa the indigenous family unit

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