Polygraph Synthesis Essay

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Polygraph tests should not be held admissible in the court system because they are used falsely and they do not always catch the lies that have been told.What is a polygraph? Is it used properly in the court system? “There is no test that can detect lies.”(Sources6)Some people think that the tests are read and study correctly and some people think it is read wrong. Scientist have studied and shows that it is not better than no other tests that is out there to catch lies and guilty people. (Sources 1) A person can constantly tell them self they didn 't do it and pass the polygraph test by just saying that to them self over and over to make their self believe . (Sources 3)When the test is giving its lot of things that are falsely done wrong starting with the examination person,what they are looking at when…show more content…
Also, only 29 states require the examiner to have a certification.(Sources2)Other states they are freely spots, like California,Arizona,Nevada, Georgia and Florida but have a background of the law .(Sources 1)Which make them think they can do it without going through the class and getting the experience from the teacher in the classroom .When the report is giving it can be read wrong because of the examiner did not read or observed the right thing becauses they didn 't take the test to be certified of doing that .Mistakes are easily to be maken even the ones who are certified examiner could possibly miss things up and cause probably.The examiner could also be biased towards the person because they want though right how to ask and make them feel comfortable.(Sources 5)It show their innocence and in a narrow range of circumstance by private agencies and
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