Polyneikes In Antigone

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In the story of Antigone, Antigone’s uncle, Creon, is the king of Thebes who forbids the burial of his nephew, Polyneikes. Polyneikes is Antigone’s brother who went to war with one of their brothers. The fight between the two men ended in death for both, at which was based on who was justified by the state. The brother who fought Polyneikes was awarded a proper burial while Polyneikes was left as a food source for dogs and vultures. Antigone disliked the fact that Polyneikes was not awarded a proper burial because it is her brother. During this time, the belief that Antigone had was that if one was not awarded a proper burial, they are never truly laid to rest. Since she went against Creon and buried her brother, she was executed. If she hadn’t
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