Effects Of Polypharmacy

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Drugs are a contradiction. They were created to benefit humanity but simultaneously became one of humanity 's downfall. As time moved forward, science grew as more people began to become invested in a new study where possibilities seemed endless. One of the sub-categories was medication and more research was conducted which resulted in the increase in addictive substances. While medication has done wonders to help end and prevent diseases, there was always a drawback in taking them, which ranged from headaches to drowsiness. In order to prevent the abuse of such substances as well as provide information about them, pharmacy was created for the complete devotion of medication. Pharmacy is a huge business that has been running for several years,…show more content…
Pharmacists are responsible for the security of pharmaceutical medication, therefore, there needs to be a visible change in policies as the current policies have severe loopholes which causes major health issues to the public.
One of the central ongoing issues that has been prominent throughout the years is polypharmacy. Polypharmacy is the concurrent use of medication by a patient, and it’s main victim is the elderly. This is a well known issue and surprisingly has a simple solution, yet there has been no visible change in policy to prevent polypharmacy from occurring despite the universal knowledge that it’s a health issue. As Rambhade and the other authors states, polypharmacy has far more disservice to both consumers and distributors. Rambhade states that polypharmacy has “ both direct medication costs and indirect medical costs resulting from drug-related morbidity” and increases the risk of side effects due to the increase spending in medication and the multiple use of the pharmaceutical
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The opioid crisis includes the abuse of painkiller medication which is a medicine like aleve or Advil. These substances are capable of being just as harmful as heroin or crystal meth if taken at a certain amount. Thus, these types of medication needs to be monitored as there is an abundance of them throughout the United States. The opioid crisis has reached a point in history where it 's’ one of the leading causes of death and thus was declared by president Trump on twitter that it was a “...NATIONAL PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY under federal law..” thus enforcing how critical this issue is to public health. The opioid epidemic has grown to become a national health problem signifies that pharmacists need to be active in preventing the abuse of common painkiller medication. This epidemic, if left untreated, will have a major impact on future generations, even worse than the present. Pharmacists need to realize that the opioid crisis is more critical to their careers as well. In Boston there were fourteen robberies committed at a pharmacy just for opioid medication which reflects how popular they are in the streets, which means that pharmacists need to be extremely careful (Butterfield). Pharmacists are one of the most likely targets to get opioids simply because they have them behind the counters. Despite pharmacist not handing out these prescriptions out to regular civilians, they are

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