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Introduction Polypharmacy is the use of various amount of medication by an individual to treat a disease or health problem, commonly seen in elderly, medication that are prescribed or over the counter including vitamins, supplements and herbal products. It is considered a huge problem as older adult are oblivious about risks of using multiple medications at once. As well as, a challenge to physicians when being neglectful about the drug interaction, side effects and adverse effect. In addition, the use of several medications at once can cause changes in the body, such as pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamic where the drug absorption, metabolism, distribution and excretion affect the liver, kidney and body weight etc. Aim The aim of this…show more content…
In Greek, Poly means many or a lot and pharmakeia means drugs or medicines, as a result polypharmacy is many drugs or many medications. Definition of polypharmacy is the use or administration of multiple medication at the same time by several physicians commonly seen in elderly, as they tend to suffer from chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Using more than five or four medications is considered polypharmacy. World Health Organization defined polypharmacy as the administration of many drugs at the same time or the administration of an excessive number of drugs. (Nursing and healthcare International Journal). Factors that leads to…show more content…
Moreover, physiological changes in the body such as reduction in absorption, distribution, excretion of medication might affect the action of medication and causes damages or toxicity in elderly. Likewise, several contributing factors which causes polypharmacy in adults, is visiting several physicians for a certain health problem and not sticking to one which increases the rate of using multiple medication as well as, administering medication to treat adverse effect increases the usage of different medication, prolonged use of unwanted medication and lastly, unclear or incomprehensible written documentation. Clinical consequences of polypharmacy include, adverse drug reaction which include NSAIDS, anticoagulant and CVD medications, drug-drug interaction where the drug effect changes in the body when using second or third drug that can delay action of medication and non-adherence to medication in elderly which is not following or unable stick to drug regimen, lack of communication between provider and patient and patient's believe that treatment is unnecessary. Finally, nurse's role is important to reduce the incidence of polypharmacy where educating patient and family member can help in reduction of mortality, morbidity and geriatric syndrome. Education include, potential side

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