Case Study: Polyprod Change Implementation

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The change involved the creation of regional offices and new management systems in polyprod. Key aspects of the organization and its change plan are then described, followed by a description of how the plan for and effects of change evolved over time. To develop the change process and critical issues face in managing the change the issues below for polyprod are considered:

Polyprod Change Implementation
When evaluating polyprod change effort, two principal aspects should be considered: 1) the success of the change and 2) the success of the implementation. The first aspect asks, "Did polyprod change the right thing?" It deals with whether or not the appropriate strategy was undertaken, given the circumstances. The latter aspect asks, "Did
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Indeed, they are not equivalent. For example, it is possible to flawlessly implement an organizational change, perfectly executing an ineffective business strategy that will ultimately fail to achieve the desired results in the operating environment (Kotter, 2008).
Organizational Change at polyprod
Culture may be defined as a pattern of assumptions, values, and artifacts whose shared meaning is acquired by members of a group. Its acquisition, as social heredity, is an ecumenical aspect of being human. This notion represents the classical view of the culture concept and how it developed within the discipline of anthropology and the study of whole societies.
There are then three levels at which cultural differences may be discerned: societal, organizational, and subcultural (group). The presence of culture at multiple levels suggests that actors will only partially share a common culture blueprint. Instead, they will act on the basis of a socially constructed reality given their experiences within the cultures in which they participate and their perceptions of those experiences (Holt,
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Communication is also very crucial in conducting change management at polyprod. As the leader is ought to be able to keep the workers well informed and create an understanding while also create opportunities to get them involved in the process. Leaders must also be able to identify the needs throughout the process. By doing this, the right leader can be identified and will create the best possible opportunity for the department to develop. Lastly, it is also important to make decisions based on what was informed and needed besides ensuring that they are being

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