Pomegranates In The Kite Runner

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For the most part I enjoyed the novel as I began reading because I am intrigued by different cultures like to compare and contrast between each other. One of the things that I liked about the book, was that it was fairly fast paced and not as dull or slow as some of the other books that I have read throughout other classes. Just reading up to where we are I found the messages in the previous chapters to be quite moving especially the one where Hassan smashes the pomegranate on his head, symbolizing the second rape, in front of Amir. The “conflict” between Hassan and Amir, I feel makes the reader pick sides, which many of whom would be on the side of Hassan. Due to the fact that throughout the novel he doesn 't let go of the loyalty he has to his best friend, despite what Amir has done to him. That being said I feel like my feelings haven’t changed too much because I enjoyed reading this book so far and from the start I was intrigued and it only continues to surprise me and makes me want to keep reading. One part that really stuck with me is when when Amir tries to get Hasson to try and beat him up so that he would feel equal to Hassan for not doing anything when he was getting raped early on. So, Amir throws pomegranates at Hassan which only makes Hassan “smeared in red like he’d been shot by a firing squad.”…show more content…
Because the past claws its way out.” (1) I chose this quote as the most memorable quote because It is something that almost everyone can relate too. It also shows just how much regret Amir is dealing with, from not helping Hassan when he was getting raped. By him saying “Because the past claws its way out” he is basically saying there is no way to hide what was done, even though there are some things that can be done to try and resolve the situation, there is still a constant looming in the back of your head playing what happend, again and

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