Pompeii Earthquake

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Day of the Disaster by Lauren Tarshis ' is mostly about a town called Pompeii and the volcano called Mount Vesuvius, when the town of Pompeii was as normal as can be "BOOM, BOOM" then it happened one of the most deadliest volcano eruption in the world. Here is what the text stated "The pumice falls with painful force. It is mixed with hot ash, which clogs your nose and throat. Many people are fleeing." I choose this one because this explains how deadly this volcano was and is and what it could do if this happened again. "Then more terror. As the volcano loses energy, the molten rock and ash mix together to create a super heated wave that rushes down the mountain at 80 miles an hour. This burning avalanche is known as a pyroclastic flow.…show more content…
I think that the people persevered through that because now they know the signs when Mt. Vesuvius is about to erupt. I know this because in the Article it states all of the things that had happened in the Mt. Vesuvius devastation. "That’s Mount Vesuvius. You haven’t given it much thought— and neither do the people of Pompeii. Why should they? It’s just a big mountain, silent and still, its gentle slopes covered with trees and grape vineyards. Except Mount Vesuvius is not just a mountain. It is a volcano. Vesuvius sits atop a crack in the earth’s crust— the hard, rocky layer that covers the surface of our planet like the shell of an egg. From miles below, molten rock called magma seeps up through this crack.The people of Pompeii have no idea that a huge lake of magma is boiling under Vesuvius steaming with poisonous, explosive gases. How could they? There is not even a word for volcano in Latin. Vesuvius has been dormant for 1,500 years, but now it is waking up. For months, magma has been rising through the center of the volcano, filling it like fiery blood. Pressure is building. Over the past few weeks, there have been warning signs. Talk to the farmers who tend the vineyards around Vesuvius. They’ll tell you about a stinging smell—like eggs—wafting from the mountaintop." I chose this text evidence because it tells how they saw how the volcano was going to erupt. They know this know because they are explaining every detail of the

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