Pompeii Earthquake Research Paper

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When Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D it caused a lot of destruction throughout the region in Italy. In 62 A.D, there was a fatal earthquake that damaged towns, cities, this earthquake set Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD which the volcano erupted strongly with streams of hot gases, molten rock that hit Herculaneum. The city quickly was filled up with ash, pumice, molten rock, hot gases from the volcano. When Pompeii was hit not a while after ash, pumice, molten rock fell on top of the town. Some died in their homes or shops from the buildings collapsing while others died from the poisonous fumes that were ejected out of the volcano. The firestorm that was created by all the poisonous vapours in the atmosphere caused people to be suffocated the people…show more content…
While anyone who was remaining was pressured in this volcanic ash for century’s and Pompeii buried in ash. People who were alive were not so good because they had nothing no family or possessions. Though in 1944 March 18th Mount Vesuvius erupted again in World War 2, which impacted people a lot destroying parts of town as lava got shot out of Mount Vesuvius. This eruption wasn’t good because it went on for about 2 weeks before it finished. On the first day of the eruption on the 18th Mount Vesuvius made it rain rocks which were large, this covered the towns in metres of ash, lava and debris. Citizens could hear the roaring, rumbling and shaking as lava came down the mountain. When Italy’s allied forces had arrived for war it was unfortunate they had a horrible surprise because Mount Vesuvius had had destroyed Italy’s air forces planes at Terigro Airport. Over 12,000 people were displaced from their homes because of the disaster. The eight lava fountains that were created which were all around the place, as the days went by these fountains intensified. Because of this eruption, the magma chamber of Mount Vesuvius had collapsed which was the key thing to why the mountain had
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